Zuri. A beautiful place for happy people.

Breath-taking sunsets, the azure surface of the Indian Ocean and white beaches – these all combine to create the unique appeal of the island of Zanzibar off the east coast of Tanzania. Located in Kendwa, north-west of Zanzibar, the Zuri luxury resort is a destination for travellers looking for natural beauty, hospitality, calm relaxation, or people who want to enjoy the happy and optimistic outlook on life that the locals have. The resort is a microcosm spread over 32 acres and submerged in a garden radiant with every imaginable colour. The air carries the scent of a blend of spices over this resort that bears the Swahili name for "beautiful."

Designed with an African touch

Resort Zuri is just 50 kilometres from Stone Town, the cultural centre of Zanzibar. The local folklore, rich history and natural wealth of the island are reflected in the resort’s architecture and layout. The grandly laid out accommodation complex boasts its own spice garden with a wide range of spices. This inspired an original colour palette that the architects and designers applied even when working on such details as lamps, bead curtains, bedding, upholstery and cushions. Many bespoke items are also produced directly on the island by local craftsmen and artists.

Jean-Francois Laporte
Development Manager

Zuri is probably the first true lifestyle resort to be developed in this part of the Indian Ocean. ZURI means "beautiful" in Swahili and that is precisely the feeling we want our guests to experience in our micro-universe.

ocean-front luxury villas
restaurants and bars


With privacy in mind

The resort is of a size that could easily accommodate twice as many houses, but the owners decided to build only 55 of them so as to ensure total privacy for guests. Visitors can stay in individual bungalows, or in several luxury villas with an outdoor shower and terrace. Most buildings are positioned to give a direct sea view.

Designers Jestico+Whiles have elegantly combined 21st century tourism requirements with environmentally friendly architecture and the unique atmosphere of the islands of Zanzibar. The bungalows have been designed down to the last detail with respect to comfort, and they are furnished with a combination of the best of international design and carefully selected local furniture and African art. The exclusive suites, with their extended living space and spacious private terrace areas, offer the very best of what Zuri Zanzibar has to offer.


Enter and you will never want to leave

The central point of the complex is the cosy yet spacious reception. When you first enter and walk through to the top of the long staircase you are struck by the breath-taking view of the ocean. If you want you can walk down the long staircase to the private beach and swim, or you can sit here and feast your eyes on one of the amazing sunsets. The reception itself offers good space for relaxation. Read a book, play billiards, all in a comfortably furnished interior with furniture from renowned companies such as Konsepti, Moroso, and Lasvit.  

Restaurants & bars

When the starlit night is not enough

Of course, to go with the luxury accommodation it is also necessary to offer first-class food. In one of three restaurants and four bars you can feast yourself not just on the view, but also on exquisite international cuisine with an African/Indian twist. Each of the venues are originally decorated in a chic African style. You can take a seat, for example, at a large table carved in the shape of a crocodile, or sit to a circular bar. Every corner has a different atmosphere which is created, for example, by the original hand-made lights, or the wicker lampshades in the Upendo restaurant. 

Spice garden

Enjoy all the colours and tastes of Zanzibar

The Zuri complex as a whole is one large tropical park that you can walk through and discover numerous hidden corners. A hundred landscape gardeners worked for two years laying out the park and carefully selecting every tree and bush. The jewel in the crown is the spice garden, which occupies a full quarter of the total area. Zanzibar was once the world number one producer of cloves. You will find these here together with other spices typical for the island – nutmeg, ginger, turmeric, curry and pepper. The Spice Garden House also offers a relaxing sofa area and its own cooking corner for Swahili cooking classes.

Welcome to the unique tropical gardens

Alena Šťastná
Landscape Manager & Designer

All the villas and bungalows are nested in clusters among the trees and surrounded by authentic wild tropical gardens. It evokes all your senses and opens doors to a fantasy landscape. The unique resort environment was developed by a team of farmers from neighbouring villages over a period of three years under professional leadership. Inspired by tropical naturalism and coral spice islands, it provides an edible landscape experience with palms, trees, spices and fruits across the resort. It guides you to feel and taste true Zanzibar culture at every step. It is not just the gardens and spectacular sea views that are the great signatures of Zuri. The west coast has a white sandy beach with palm trees and turquoise water – making the beach the best in Zanzibar. The result is an enormous tribute to the pinnacle of Zanzibar and its rich historical legacy.

Africa specialists

Building a luxury resort in any corner of the world is challenging, but Africa is always a bit special thanks to very specific climate conditions and demands on logistics. After some experience with projects on this continent we have proven ourselves able to succeed in this fast developing part of the world. 

Managing suppliers and logistics

As with the similarly large and successfully delivered project on the Maldives, TECHO was the general contractor here too. We applied the advantages of having our own modern factory in the Czech Republic as well as our experience with European suppliers of luxury interior furnishings and accessories. A significant portion of the production was entrusted to tried and tested suppliers in Asia with some hand-made bespoke items being produced by local suppliers and directly on site.

We managed all the suppliers and international logistics ourselves. We therefore assumed all responsibility for ensuring that everything was produced in the correct quality and delivered to site on time. We were able to quickly and efficiently resolve any problems that arose thanks to our strong international background. The client therefore did not have to worry when bad weather forced freighters carrying our products to take a different route.

We saved $500 000 thanks to global sourcing and vendor management

Julie Lišková
Project Coordinator TECHO

The project logistics were very demanding and involved the transport of almost one hundred sea freight containers of goods and the processing of 100 cubic metres of tropical wood. We delivered thousands of lights, hundreds of metres of drapes and kilometres of cord. We were greatly aided by our experience from the Maldives and with our suppliers, who produced the required bespoke products to our requirements. We imported goods from around the world and we had to bring almost everything with us. On Zanzibar even a standard screwdriver is hard to obtain.

of bespoke furniture produced in the Czech Republic
of free-standing items delivered from Europe
of lighting cam from suppliers across the globe

Because all beauty fades

Climate & fool proof solutions to preserve the interior appearance for as long as possible

From our experience with previous African projects we know how the demanding climatic conditions, for example 95% humidity, affect over time the appearance of interiors. We also know the increased maintenance demands with respect to furnishings in the hospitality sector. We understand that guarantee repairs are complex with regard to distance, and if maintenance is neglected everything will need to be rectified. We had to amend lots of architectural ideas to ensure that they would stand the test of time.



All surfaces regardless of material underwent demanding testing. For example, veneer is used a lot because furniture from solid wood would warp. When selecting specific surfaces we had, in addition to the climate, to take into account the extra wear and tear that furniture is subject to in the hospitality sector and also specific maintenance.  



Maintenance requirements in Africa differ from what would be standard in Europe. We therefore prepared a maintenance system in-house, in cooperation with our furniture suppliers. This gives the resort management an overview of recommended cleaning/maintenance products and methods for the protection and maintenance of the individual interior elements so as to preserve their appearance as long as possible.


Monitoring app

The resort management have access to our application which automatically schedules dates for regular maintenance and helps manage the work of the resort maintenance team. Included are technical sheets for all supplied items so the technical specification can be quickly called up when required.

Would you like to visit? Help us support the local community.

Zuri Zanzibar is implementing several long-term initiatives together with communities, other companies and organisations for a cleaner environment and ocean, and for promoting employment, education, and awareness in Zanzibar.

So if you plan to visit this beautiful location, please don´t forget to ask in advance how to donate to support the people in a positive way and help make this place and its people even happier. 

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Tomáš Příhonský
Project Manager TECHO

With no doubt this project was the challenge of my life. Not only professionally but also personally . From day one since I arrived to this tropical island I found myself dragged into mixing feelings of anxiety for the success and excitement for the unknown. Also I was aware that everything depends on us, the team of people that day by day , side by side worked relentlessly to make it happened. And finally after 15 months of endless hard working days but also lot of friendship and compromises the dream comes true. As African proverb says "LIFE IS EITHER A DARING ADVENTURE OR NOTHING” I will always be grateful for this opportunity and Zanzibar will stay with me forever. Thanks to all and Karibu.

Guest Review Awards 2018

9,7 out of 10

Only six month after the opening Zuri Zanzibar made it for the Booking.com Review Award Winner for 2018. Congratulations!

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