A beacon of light in Turkey

The first ŠKODA digital showroom in Turkey has been opened in the town of Bursa

The opening of the first ŠKODA digital showroom in Turkey is an important milestone in the new IT and digital age of this market. The importer has no obligation to take the digital showroom items. However, the Turkish representatives of ŠKODA AUTO are well-disposed towards this solution and plan to implement it in other showrooms in the country. 

Neskar Otomotiv, the ŠKODA AUTO representative, has incorporated this approach to great effect. The spacious showroom also comprises a large service centre. We at TECHO are proud to have been able to furnish this beautiful and extensive space.

Emotion and fun

The new digital showroom concept includes a number of innovative elements with an emphasis on providing unique experiences to customers, such as interactive purchasing in a pleasant environment with a personal approach and less formality. It incorporates fun, emotions, but also assistance.

The showroom has a range of cleverly located innovative tools with specific functions that make the individual sales zones more attractive and offer better quality services. A large format video-wall with 4 to 9 screens works like a large display with 4K definition, and it attracts passers-by with dynamic scenes of cars, current events and offers. The highlight wall remains a central point with a selected ŠKODA model. Next to all exhibited models there is a stand with a 22-inch touch display on which a customer can browse the main functions, change the colour, wheel design and other accessories. 

Light stage

In addition to technical achievements, large screens and virtual reality, the showroom also makes playful use of colours. Several elements and zones are illuminated with LED strips with the option of changing the light colour, which supports or creates the overall atmosphere. The interior lighting mood competes boldly with the play of nature externally, and both spaces merge into one.

Tablets and OLED screens

Interactive equipment increases the competence of salespersons and provides a higher-quality service. On the tablets, the salespersons can call up a visualisation of a specific model and then display it on the large-format OLED panels in real time, and thus better depict the qualities of the given car.  

Relaxation zone

The relaxation zone attracts new customers and gives existing ones a reason to return to the showroom. Visitors can use Wi-Fi, watch television or just relax over a coffee. Customers that don’t want to deal through a salesperson can use the self-service zone with touch screens that incorporate all steps connected with the selection and detailed visualisation of a car.

Highlight wall

This zone offers the opportunity to highlight all the advantages of a given model, or accessories from the ŠKODA collection. It occupies the most attractive part of the showroom and includes an interactive touch-screen table. Using this, salespeople can present everything that a customer might be interested in.

An oasis of calm

Meeting and negotiating purchase agreements and financing with customers takes place in a pleasant environment reminiscent of a living room, far removed from the bustle of a standard car showroom. In this zone there is an LED television that shows what’s on the tablet.

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