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At the start of the long and successful story of the Philips brand was a standard lightbulb with a carbon filament. This was what Gerard and Frederik Philips established, in Eindhoven in 1891, their first factory to produce.

And because at Philips they are proud of their history, the design concept for their offices in Bucharest was inspired by the company historical timeline and the carbon filament of the first lightbulbs.

The purpose for the architecture company WALTMANN ARCHITECTURE BUREAU was to design a space which embraces Philips’ most important values: heritage, innovation and well-being.

Having that in mind, the overall workspace was thought to connect those values and to adapt them to the local technical R&D heritage and creativity.

Matched interior

Bisecting diagonals dominate every corner of the interior. In addition, the bulb filament is reflected in the suspended lighting above reception, the lampshades and table bases. A regular geometric structure is also evident in the acoustic cladding of the walls, the false ceilings and the form of the soft seating. Wire fibres are also “woven” in decoration to create faces in the meeting rooms.

A simple geometric principle and a harmonic combination of corporate colours perfectly harmonise the workplace environment, which is crowned by an uncovered dark blue painted ceiling.

Fine-tuned for activity-based working

Over a total floor space of 1200 square metres the architects created a space with a total of one hundred workstations. Perfect ergonomic conditions for working have been ensured by the use of Ahrend Balance desks, and chairs from both Ahrend and Czech firm Rim.

We delivered this office space as a full fit-out project. Along with the interior works and the supply of standard furniture, we also delivered the bespoke furnishings.

One of the bespoke items were the lockable cabinets that are required in conjunction with the hot-desking and activity-based working that are becoming ever more popular.

Also of interest are the suspended acoustic screens with integrated lighting above the desks. On a small scale it demonstrates the creative and innovative spirit that has kept Philips a leading brand for the past 128 years.

sqm total space
Installation period in weeks

Heritage, innovation and well-being

Alexandru Stanescu – Baccela

The result of this process is a flexible, multifunctional, innovation-oriented space with an enhanced sense of familiarity, flatter organizational structures and open working community for creative people. As a matter of fact, all the Philips’ employees were involved in the design process. It is a versatile office at a human scale, with discrete graphic references to the company's specific identity and innovation history, a space which emphasizes the well-being of the employees as well as the local heritage. “Wiring” concept is the highlight of the project. It was meant to underline the common denominator of all electrical products - the electrical wiring, but, at the same time, to connect and become the common denominator of the entire space. This concept was integrated in all expressions of the design, from furniture’s structure to flooring, from lighting to decorations, from wall finishing to ceiling shape. Even the art bending which depicts local inventors and the acoustic panels bear the same mark.

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