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TECHO helps deliver a cutting-edge office environment for SCS Software

Working closely with the client’s architects, renowned and innovative Prague-based architectural firm IBA, TECHO was entrusted with the delivery of what is one of Prague’s most enlightened and effective office environments. Tailor-made to suit the client’s business – an important player in the IT software industry where stand-out offices are de rigueur for the recruitment and retention of the best staff in the battle for talent. 

A client-driven bespoke working environment

In what was an extremely interesting, but also challenging project, TECHO supplied and installed the non-standard and bespoke furnishings and fittings to create a unique working environment. This included acoustic semi-private working zones, enabling private undisturbed work when required, but also facilitating a quick transition to teamwork. A special feature of SCS Software office are the distinctive semi-circular co-working zones. These are adjacent to the desking and provide comfortable, informal yet highly productive teamwork areas with integrated presentation screen and whiteboard. 

How TECHO helped turn the plans into reality

Within a period of two months, TECHO worked on devising practical solutions for the bespoke interior elements (false ceilings, partitions, kitchenettes, relax areas, co-working zones, wall cladding etc.), on the sourcing of suppliers and materials, and finally on the production, delivery and installation of the bespoke items once the proposed solutions had been approved by IBA.

A job well done!

And the result – the satisfying thing for us to see the staff at SCS Software using the office in the way that was envisaged. It was an innovative concept from the architects and the result looks great and works beautifully. TECHO is committed to promoting and delivering modern workplace environments, and we draw inspiration from working for clients and architects that share this vision for the modern office. 

Postscript – It’s now an award-winning project! At the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year awards 2017, announced in February 2018, the icing on the cake for everyone involved in this project came when the new SCS Software offices won two awards. The first was as winner of a public vote organised by radio station Evropa 2, and the second was the Healthy Office award.

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