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American pharmaceutical company MSD places great emphasis on workplace environment quality and is not afraid to change certain standard routines when this would increase the effectiveness of teamwork and cooperation.

An office for all types of activity

The form of the new Moscow office reflects the corporate values of MSD – openness, flexibility, inclusivity and a level playing field for all employees. 

The space is organised so as to facilitate teamwork. Because MSD always creates a new team for a specific task, the character of their work often changes. Sometimes it is necessary for a group to work on something together, other times individual concentration is required, or an informal discussion of certain details. 

MSD therefore decided to completely change its approach to the organisation of space and everyone, including the management, have left their standard offices to promote more agile cooperation. To this end the offices include various types of meeting room and zones.

A year since completion of the project it is already clear that the new approach is working and the Managing Director of MSD confirms that everyone is communicating better together, sharing new ideas and learning from each other.

Square meters
Project delivery in months

The leased space in the Demidov office centre includes a covered terrace with an area of around 160 square metres. Unfortunately the heating system did not allow the large area to be used as office space and so the architects at Offcon took a bold step. 

They decided to create a conservatory and join it with reception. This created a space with a total area of 320 square metres that includes two coffee points and an amphitheatre that can be used for almost any event.

Sometimes deep concentration is necessary

In the conservatory and reception there lots of TV screens that can be used to show media content. All meeting rooms have television panels installed that can be used for presentations, and some panels are interactive. Employees can remotely book time in the meeting rooms. 

If you want to escape from technology for a while and completely concentrate on the task in hand, you can try the unique library. To ensure perfect acoustic comfort the space is fitted with special suspended elements from sound-absorbing felt. Especially for this project shelves were designed for specialist literature that can be studied here without interruption. And by the way, don’t forget to turn your phone off before you enter!

Architectural firm: OFFCON

General contractor: STROYGARANT 

Furniture: TECHO

Year delivered: 2018 

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