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Loyalty and feeling of belonging

What is the most important element of our business? Well-designed, ergonomic furniture? A clever business model? Added value offered ba acoustic products or project management? Wrong - it´s people! They are everything. Every employee is a specialist in their job and carries a portion of the company´s know-how. Each is a unique piece in the puzzle that makes up the TECHO picture.

Success at TECHO is not down to detailed product knowledge, new products, or rules and guidelines set in stone. It is about an attitude, a sense of pride, loyalty and a feeling of belonging. This is what makes us "TECHO" - it is our greatest asset and is something that must be maintained. This is what motivates us to continue the TECHO success story.

Jiří Kejval
Chairman TECHO

All our employees are heroes in their own way – pioneers in the marketplace. We don’t follow others, we look for new ways and opportunities – this is one of the main characteristics of TECHO DNA. It’s what sets us apart from the grey mass of competitors we are up against – it’s our added value. We are a company of great ambitions, we want to be different and stand out. We want to lead the market not just in terms of market share, but also, and perhaps more importantly, in terms of our vision of the future.

TECHO Gathering

TECHO is more than just a name, just an entry in the commercial register. We can consider it a living being made up of all the people who work here. That's why we all meet every year in our headquarters at a traditional annual event - the TECHO Gathering. We share our experiences of how the market has developed over the past year, and what we are hearing from customers and competitors. This regular feedback enables us to alter our approach slightly and sets us up to face the challenges of the coming year.


Be inspired by remarkable people

We all watch action movies – box-office hits like James Bond and Mission Impossible. We marvel at the way the hero always escapes traps and solves seemingly impossible problems - a real winner! However, we don’t have to go to the cinema and look at made up adventures. We perform similar miracles at TECHO every day. There are people among us who regularly take on impossible missions and succeed. They might use different tools - fast cars are optional and weapons discouraged, but their achievements are comparable.

These remarkable people are also great, and probably more realistic, role models for all of us. The reason we are here is to discover these people, to identify the heroes among us and celebrate their work. We will hear how again and again, and against all the odds, they devised their masterplans and executed them. Let’s be inspired to follow their examples.

Mission possible

At TECHO we solve problems and deliver the impossible because it’s fun. If we are guided by this sense of fun at overcoming challenges, positive business results always follow. When the impossible has been achieved, and the order successfully handed over, we get the same adrenalin rush as “Ethan Hunt”, or perhaps “Laura Croft”, and that’s what gets us up in the morning.

An inspirational place 

Our annual gathering takes place at the TECHO showroom in Prague, a space full of fantasy and inspiration. Convivial conversations, laughter, interesting presentations and friendly meetings fill almost every corner of the showroom on this day.

You can visit our TECHO showroom throughout the year. Arrange a meeting with us and see for yourself the opportunities it offers. In addition to informal meetings it provides space for large conferences with a capacity of up to 400 attendees. Everyone will find their own private space here whilst at the same time they can share it with many others. Drop in sometime – we would like to see you.

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