A buon interior poche parole* 

AHREND (TECHO) has been providing projects for its customers in Italy, the Mecca of design, for more than 15 years. A question could come up how is it possible for a foreign company to compete traditional local competition? It is mainly due to contemporary design, short delivery times and a network of local service that made it possible.

Another question would occur – why there wasn´t any showroom or inspiration center located in any city in Italy then? The same question was brought up many times between Katerina and Martin - who were for the past 2 years responsible for sales on the Italian market.

*From original Italian proverb „A buon intenditor poche parole“ (note: intenditor means something like a good listener is enough to say fewer words, in our presentation to a good interior there is no need to add anything)

“Fóce is a levee that contains everything, from the system of ordered objects to what I don’t expect.”

[Extract from Fóce “Manifesto”]

A mock-up for one of the customers was supposed to be built and finding the answer became therefore even more actual. An agreement has been made to rent a temporary space in Porta Romana, developing quarter of Milano, where the presentation would be done. So the two met with Andrea Perego, architect, co-founder of Noname Studio and manager of the co-working space (later on called Fóce). The discussion went soon beyond the original idea and so “Foce” – a space and more importantly a unity of partners from different parts of the same fields – was born.

Sustainable life and environment

The space displays the best of product range but is as well representing the mission – contribute to sustainable life and environment. Living inside and outside. Being part of something. Unite people from different corners of the world. Talk, inspire but when it comes down to the performance, deliver what has been promised. Not only is the space supposed for business meetings. It is as well a place where you are welcome to come when happen to be in Milano. For a coffee, chat with us, recharge or work for a while.

A boutique working space

A “boutique working” space located in a bright and lush courtyard belonging to a late 18th century farmhouse in the centre of Milano. A ground floor originally used as storage for a fashion brand to be transformed into a space for work, gathering and sharing ideas. To do that we used only: furniture, colors and light.


Location: via Friuli 8/c, 20135 Milano - Italy
Year: Concept Design / Schematic Design / Detailed Design / 2019 – 2020
Area: 120 sqm
Client: Private
Autor: Andrea Perego, Noname Studio (www.noname-studio.eu)
Collaborator: Sara Tateo
Photography: Federico Villa Studio

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We look forward to working together

Andrea Perego

Architect, co-founder of Noname Studio and manager of Fóce

mail: foce@foce.space

tel.: +39 339 341 2171

Kateřina Pavlíková

Sales Development Manager

mail: pavlikova@ahrend.cz

tel.: +420 737 218 603

Martin Hořovský

Head of Export Department

mail: horovsky@ahrend.cz

tel.: +420 737 218 677

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