Students visit the TECHOCENTRE in Prague

Students best remember things that they have physically tried themselves and things that also bring them inspiration. They need to look at things and touch them in a spirit of playfulness, for example when adjusting the seating position of office chairs or lounging around on the easy chairs whilst taking in the atmosphere of TECHOCENTRE and its works of art, effective artificial lighting and different zones. Knowledge gained in this way is easily applicable within the teaching process, in particular if combined with emotions that have been collectively experienced. During the TECHOCENTRE visit these experiences were reinforced with a commentary from experts in the field of office interiors Jan Hampl and Pavel Luzek. 

The visits to TECHOCENTRE have been so popular with students that they have been a regular fixture for several years now. The presentation of furniture products as workstation systems for various office functions highlights the variability of the design. Attention to detail and ergonomic comfort is also evident in the furniture designs. The visit gave the students the opportunity to see the way in which companies are now looking at the office environment and how furniture is designed to meet new workplace trends. 

Note was taken of the workstation configurations, the dimensional variability of furniture and their elements, sober combinations of materials and colours, the use of upholstery and other surface finishes. During the demonstrations the architecture students at the Civil Engineering Faculty in Prague – Dejvice asked questions to clarify their perceptions. The contemporary environmental approach to preserving natural resources and human values can bring us a sensitive symbiosis of simple and original materials including products processed using environmentally friendly production technology that will not have a lasting environmental impact.

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