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Work efficiency is not derived from the number of invoices settled, but from the quantity of ideas generated, and for this we all need a pleasant environment in which we feel comfortable. However, an open plan office, which obliges and encourages the sharing of ideas with others, does not suit everyone. For those that desire privacy, a unique solution has been developed. 

Multizones arose from the need to seek refuge in a more intimate environment than that provided in open offices. Whether you require such space for making important phone calls, private meetings, for a moment of relaxation, or just to collect your thoughts, Multizones will provide it to you.

Rastislav Pekárik
Director Business Unit Danube

“All the innovation that we are currently bringing to the office environment is directed at making it more like our favourite places where we naturally feel relaxed and comfortable”.

Stand up. Work on. Share it!

Multizones are available in various versions that differ according to their intended use. The largest and also most expensive version, “Share It”, has an integral monitor to which employees can connect a laptop. The most basic version, “Stand Up”, is for quick discussions and has a white board. “Call Me” is used as a telephone booth, “Copy It” accommodates a printer, “Rest On” provides space for relaxation, and “Dress Me” is for changing clothes.

Another clear benefit of Multizones are their dimensions. Even the largest version does not occupy any more space than two workstations. The Multizones of course incorporate sound insulation, which benefits both those working inside, and those working nearby. It is down to you whether you use the zone as a closed space for your undisturbed brainstorming, or whether you wish quiet for your surroundings. 

Watch the design story behind Multizones

Is this the direction the workplace of the future is heading?

What will the office of the future look like? Rastislav Pekárik shares Jiří Kejval’s view that the office of the future will be a hybrid between a café and an open-plan office. It will be devised so that you can grab a coffee throughout the day, but above all emphasis will be placed on a natural working environment without firmly set out workplaces; employees will sit wherever they wish, as is the case already at the Slovak branch of TECHO.

The Slovak division is also proud that the Multizones it developed, designed and financed are now displayed at an international exhibition in Brussels alongside such technological breakthroughs as the flying car. As Pekárik adds: “If you are involved in transport and the traffic situation, you will attempt to solve the problem of traffic jams and poor infrastructure, and maybe you will design a flying car. If your field of interest the office environment, you will invent Multizones.“ 

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