Delivering furniture to the other side of the world

Škoda Auto, the largest Czech car maker, the largest Czech firm by revenue, and the largest Czech employer also has another claim to fame in connection with us - Project Škoda Auto is one of our most visible orders of the past decade. 

In 2009 representatives of the car maker decided on a massive rebranding of its showrooms in line with a strict set of rules so that the customer feels as comfortable as possible in each of them. The commercial potential of the tender we won in 2013 exceeded our expectations. 

The worldwide expansion of Škoda Auto offered us the opportunity to work in various corners of the globe, which promised many new challenges.

Showrooms delivered up to date
Hours transit time from TECHO to New Zealand showroom
Nautical miles distance from Hamburg to Wellington

Communication with the Mladá Boleslav car maker about possible cooperation with branches in New Zealand started in the spring of 2016. Due to the great distances involved, the New Zealanders had the opportunity to purchase furniture from neighbouring Australia. This market, of 32 dealers, had received permission to arrange the local production and purchase of goods. Despite this, the New Zealanders gave preference to purchasing furnishings from TECHO Prague, a fact we greatly appreciate. It took just a few brief but effective phone calls and everything was agreed for the goods to be despatched on TECHO’s longest export journey to date.

Greg Leet
Škoda New Zealand General Manager

“When we upgrade our showrooms to the latest CI requirements we always consider local production vs importing. Due to the great distances we are from many manufacturers, support and quality are imperative to the overall decision. Working with TECHO has shown that even with very long travelling distance between showrooms and supplier the projects can be seamlessly managed with outstanding results. The care in initial consultation ensuring the very best solution is achieved sets up a very good outcome as our local dealers can testify to. The quality of the product is second to none and has demonstrated many times better than that of far more expensive brands.”

The entire process, from the initial order to subsequent tasks linked to the reconstruction of the showrooms, progressed smoothly. Fitters from TECHO were not sent to install the showroom furniture. The New Zealanders assembled and installed all the furniture themselves. The resulting work just required confidence in the quality of the supplied goods and in the provided installation manuals.

Lenka Kvasničková
Sales Manager

“We always strive to deliver furniture in perfect quality and including installation by our trained fitters. In the case of New Zealand we did not provide an installation service, mainly due to the costs it would have involved. Despite initial concerns, Greg and his team coped excellently with installation of the furnishings. It is clear that when you combine perfect preparation in the form of installation manuals, labelling of individual elements and durable export packing at one end with capable people on the other end, it is not necessary to fly half way around the globe.”

Škoda Auto and TECHO share a common goal in placing enduser satisfaction as their overriding priority. When a customer comes to choose a new car we want them to feel as comfortable as possible from the moment they set foot in the showroom. Škoda Auto well knows that the shining cars are not the only inducement to purchase acting on potential clients. As the car maker selected us as a partner for this complex task we were happy to undertake the client’s non-standard requests, even when the destination is on the other side of the world.

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