A state-of-the-art furniture factory in Prague

At the heart of our operations is the TECHO production facility 

As our business has grown, so has our production facility, with output now several times what it was ten years ago. This expansion has gone hand in hand with increases in production efficiency, making the TECHO Prague Hostivar facility a state-of-the-art furniture factory. TECHO is almost unique in the breadth of its product range that is produced in-house. From standard desks and pedestals to metal cabinets and custom-made furniture – all produced at Prague Hostivar.

With every capacity enhancement, the factory layout has changed to ensure the most efficient throughput of work – from the raw material stores to the finished product stores and dispatch. We also have a tried and tested system of feedback from the production operation to the design engineers and production engineers. This ensures that our products are continually improved to simplify production processes and minimise the amount of material used.

The entire factory is geared up to reduce environmental impact – whether in the form of reduced emissions, modified production processes, a comprehensive waste management operation or supplier auditing on environmental criteria. Again, TECHO is a leader in this area and sets the example for other CEE producers to follow. 

Because our factory is located within the city boundaries of Prague, and in a residential area, we are subject to stricter environmental standards and greater attention from the environmental protection authorities. This provides extra assurance to our customers that we fulfil all the applicable European environmental standards.

Over the past decade we have invested significant sums of money in making our factory even more environmentally friendly. With respect to air and water pollution our factory works to Scandinavian standards, which are significantly stricter than the EU standards. Our emissions are only 10% of the limit permissible according to EU standards.

Part of this investment has been into laser edge banding machines for perfect edge application. This has provided a step change in both quality and efficiency. “Laser edge banding ensures an exceptional quality of desktop edge application. The edges are fused by laser to the surface laminate material, sealing it without any visible edge joint. This provides a much more aesthetically appealing product, but also a water resistant joint ensuring that dampness will not penetrate the chipboard. The result is an edge of the highest quality,” says TECHO Operations Director Jan Duras. Introduction of this technology is fully in compliance with the company’s standing as an environmentally friendly producer as the laser production technique does away with the need for glue or other chemicals.

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