Česká spořitelna Trianon project

A good idea alone is not sufficient

Česká spořitelna is a client for which TECHO has long provided an interior furnishing and fit-out service. In 2015 the company found itself in need of a larger and more modern office that could accommodate 800 employees. 

As TECHO at this time already had extensive fit-out experience it offered its services and a more advantageous alternative to the original budget.

Working together to amend the project specification to fit the budget

Prague Trianon is for the most part an 8-storey building with 3 basement levels, but its dominant feature is a 12-storey round tower. The building footprint is E-shaped, which enables maximum use of the land and the construction of very effective office space.

In 2015 Česká spořitelna took the decision to move into this building with all its employees. The project was conceived as a reconstruction that would result in standard open-plan office space and comfortable meeting rooms.

The original project submitted to the client was, however, unfeasible from a financial perspective. TECHO therefore stepped in and offered to optimise the project plan, which resulted in us being appointed general contractor for the entire fit-out project. 

With regards to the requirement to reduce costs on the construction it was necessary to replace original design elements with other materials; in short, amend the whole interior design. A condition for this was that the utility function and original parameters of all furnishings/fixtures should be preserved.

The portfolio of furnishings/fixtures is luckily so broad today that it is relatively easy to offer the client a more affordable alternative. During the course of the construction work a requirement arose to change the project plan on three floors. Another firm of architects thus entered the fray and a new project drafted. For this part it was necessary to start from scratch again with all preparation and installation work. 

In addition to the individual workstations and spacious meeting rooms, the office environment was equipped with relaxation zones in which employees can rest and have some privacy. Common areas also include modern kitchen areas, separated multicoloured boxes for phone calls and work without distraction, and table football, which is ideal for unwinding every now and again.

The interior, dominated by light colours, is enlivened with sharply coloured furniture and the clever use of wallpaper, which in connection with fire extinguishers creates realistic situations.

The Trianon project proved that TECHO deserves its position as leader in the field of fit-out delivery. Thanks to projects like this TECHO can now present itself as 90% a supplier of complete office space and 10% a producer and supplier of office furniture.

A good idea alone is not sufficient

Přemek Richter
Project manager, TECHO

We offered the client a new solution, which we completed within the given timeframe. In the role of coordinator we managed the work of all participating parties and we proved our value. Our reward was the knowledge that we had been able to meet the client’s requirements in full.

Jan Bureš
Project manager, Česká spořitelna

The Trianon project was characterised by the limited budget we had available, and also a change in the brief. For this reason I value the patience of the supplier and the understanding with which they approached the individual project steps. Together we were able to make changes to the technical solution so we stayed in budget.

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