Booking Moscow is one of the fastest growing companies in the services sector. In the twenty plus years since 1996, when it was established in Amsterdam as a small start-up, it has become the leading player in the travel sector and has 17 000 employees at 198 offices in a total of 70 countries.

The dynamic growth of the company required the expansion of its offices on White Square in Moscow, and we worked on this project as a supplier.

Not just a design challenge

Architects from the Moscow-based firm Offcon were given the task of designing an effective and clearly demarcated office space that makes maximum use of the floor space.

The organisation of the workplace environment had to fit in with the way that is used to working, and foster teamwork and flexibility. Visually the offices had, to the maximum degree possible, respect the corporate identity.

The existing space on the 14th floor with an area of 900 square metres was expanded to include the floor above. The logistic challenge facing the entire project team was to link both floors, including all utilities, without interrupting operation, and to do this in the shortest time.

Thanks to the hard work of all suppliers it proved possible to fulfil the ambitious plan and the new employees could occupy the new offices in just 7 weeks.

High standard, as you would expect from a successful international firm, pays great attention to the quality of the workplace environment and has strict requirements for all its offices regardless of location. All the workplaces are open plan with wide alleys between the desks, refined ergonomics and maximum acoustic comfort.

The demanding requirements are met in full by the Ecophon suspended sound absorbers, and our Alfa Up desks, which meet the requirement of the firm that 100% of desks be adjustable. uses a hot-desking system in all its offices, so workstations are not reserved for specific employees, so an employee can select any workstation and adjust it to suit them.

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