Ahrend s.r.o.

Cesta na Červený most 12
811 05 Bratislava

Reg. No.: 31436919
VAT no.: SK2020372948

tel.: +421 2 57 88 07 88
tel./fax: +421 2 57 88 07 77


Why should you visit Ahrend’s office in Bratislava?

So that you can sit down, have a coffee and talk. You can tell us about your company, its characteristic features, what makes it different, what philosophy it has. What are the people like who work there, what they enjoy, what they need and whether they communicate with each other. What is the first impression that your clients have when they visit? Then we can show you how we work with space and our functional and aesthetic solutions. You will not have a space like us, you will have a space like you.  


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