Ahrend Sp. z o.o.

Karolkowa Business Park
ul. Karolkowa 30
01-207 Warszawa

KRS: 0000537885
ID/regon: 3605609793
VAT/NIP: PL5272726937

tel.: +420 733 736 021

e-mail: kovalovsky@ahrend.pl


Industrial spirit

Welcome to our Ahrend showroom in Warsaw. We are confident that you will be bowled over not just by the industrial spirit of what used to be a Philips HQ, but also by the design of the showroom spread over an area of almost 300 m2 with traditional Ahrend and Techo elements. It is also an environment ideal for hosting events, meetings, and is simply a space in which people will be happy to spend time. Our team look forward to seeing you at Karolkowa Business Park, in the rapidly growing Warsaw district of Wola.

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