Microsoft Bucharest

We have extensive experience creating new office environments for large IT companies. However, in Bucharest we had the first opportunity to apply our experience when working for the world no. 1 in the field of computer software.

We worked for Microsoft as the main contractor in transforming 1000 square metres of old office space into a modern work environment with a total of one hundred workstations.

When you do a fit-out in an old building, prepare for surprises

The architectural study included an uncovered ceiling and raised floor, and because fit-out projects in old buildings always bring with them various surprises, there was no shortage of complications during the project.

In the end the originally intended result was achieved and the entire project, from removal work to the handing over of keys to the new offices, took just eight weeks.

Custom made for maximum comfort

Employees can find all necessary comfort for their work in the new workplace. The offices are furnished with our tried and tested 4Ever desks, ergonomic seating from our partner RIM, along with a range of bespoke items that ensure comfort and practicality.

Great attention was devoted to the overall acoustic solution for the space. Of interest are the specially suspended round baffles, and acoustic screens with round "windows". These provide maximum acoustic separation of the workstations from the storage walls whilst at the same time providing at least some visual contact with the surroundings.


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