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Focus on customer experience

GrandVision, a global leader in optical retail, decided to create a new store design that underlines the brand motto ‘Eye care, we care more’.

The objective of the new store design is to create a compelling customer experience and the ideal customer journey through the store whilst emphasising the consistency and quality of eye care GrandVision delivers. Creating a store design that is able to transfer its commercial strategy and propositions to the consumer will play a vital role in the future success of GrandVision.

Within the EMEA region, TECHO is one of the preferred suppliers for delivering all the new store design furniture elements.

Vital to future success

The new design concept of the GrandVision stores provides a consistent platform to transfer the GrandVision commercial strategy. Sustainability and quality are the most important pillars of this project. At the same time, it must be achieved in a cost-efficient way. Combining these elements is always a challenge; however, TECHO has an excellent track record at meeting such challenges.

Main aspects of the new concept 

  1.   Welcoming atmosphere 
  2.   Excellent product visibility and orientation
  3.   Pleasant interior lighting
  4.   Space for personal service
  5.   User-friendly furniture

Retail is about the detail

New partners that decide to add their store to the GrandVision chain are able to take advantage of the group’s expertise to newly furnish their store with quality furnishings. In doing so they will enhance the shopping experience of their customers. GrandVision also offers the opportunity to transform the store appearance to existing members of the network.

Several options exist for the interior arrangement which differ in terms of time requirements and cost



Starts with demolition work, or in a prepared space with the construction of partitions, wiring, air-conditioning, security systems etc.


Full refit 

Means the replacement of all elements incl. flooring, ceiling, lighting, all furniture, welcome and sales desks. The complete replacement of all elements ensures the complete Grand Vision shopping experience.


Light refit

This includes keeping some of the existing furnishings. The following items are replaced: frame displays, logo signage, mirrors, window displays and navigation panels, and it provides an 80% GrandVision shopping experience.

In the new stores consumers will experience a vivid, fresh, appealing and professional environment where they feel safe, and are reassured that they will receive a good-quality product along with advice from an expert. They will also feel that they are treated in an honest and transparent manner. From the staff perspective the changes ensure efficient customer handling and provide a great work environment for employees.

Advantages of long-term cooperation

The retail branch is not new for us as suppliers of furniture and we have already handled a range of orders of a similar scale. However, GrandVision is the first retail client for which we provide a comprehensive turn-key service.

Increased scope of services

Often there is a requirement not only to furnish a GrandVision store, but also to make construction adjustments. This increases our scope of work and we deliver a turn-key store including construction work. The advantage for the client is better coordination of services and a guarantee that the construction work and subsequent furnishing will be linked together, so there will be no unpleasant surprise just before completion.

Continual changes in the retail environment call for changes in the furnishing elements in already completed stores. Here to thanks to our own production, strong base in the Czech Republic and network of cooperating firms across Europe we are able to provide immediate assistance and a world-class service.

Continual product innovation

Long-term cooperation with a customer always brings opportunities for improvement. We devise new design solutions, functions and material options for products so as to improve handling, transport and the utilisation of the individual furniture elements.

Example: We found a way to better arrange part of the Solaris display system for sunglasses, which must frequently be moved by the staff. By changing the material used we made it lighter and also cheaper to produce.

Successful pilot projects

Together with the client we selected a few differing types of store so we could demonstrate the advantage of a comprehensive turn-key service. We transformed three stores in two differing environments – old building and shopping centre. Each offers different options as well as specific limitations that need to be respected. 

Old buildings

Stores in the centre of town generally offer enhanced presentation of a brand at a prestigious address. However, any construction project needs to take a range of specific restrictions into account.

We deal with

  • planning permission – a permit from a monument agency is also often required
  • non-standard, irregular space – requires bespoke furnishings
  • complex building work – requires more time and is harder work for the contractor
  • high ceilings – in many cases it is necessary lower them with false ceilings
  • split floor levels – if there are steps in the interior this must be taken into account when designing furniture
  • complications for wiring and ducting – excessive wall thickness can mean, for example, that air-conditioning ducts are unable to be placed ideally
  • fire prevention – strict requirements for protection, necessary to correctly position smoke detectors in divided-up spaces
  • access difficulties – it might not be possible to park a lorry outside and alternative transport methods have to be explored
  • insufficient technical documentation – non-existent or unavailable documentation complicates efforts to connect to existing infrastructure 

Shopping mall

Implementation of a new project in a modern shopping centre is generally less demanding from the technical/construction perspective, but it brings with it other challenges.

We know how to work with

  • strict rules – e.g. for shop facades strict rules apply for materials and finish, and everything must be carefully discussed with the shopping centre manager
  • insufficient documentation – often non-existent in digital form
  • increased fire prevention requirements – fire safety is a very complex issue and always requires 100% observance of all regulations with respect to number and location of smoke detectors, sprinklers and extinguishers
  • planning permission - even here may be required
  • work noise restrictions during opening hours – restriction or ban on noisy work increases costs for contractors and security during the centre‘s closed period
  • time restrictions – prescribed period for unloading and loading furniture

What lies ahead?

As store design is constantly changing in response to the latest consumer and market trends, we are committed to successfully developing our cooperation further over the next few years

Karolína Vaněčková
Key Account Manager

Cooperation with an industry leader is always a great opportunity to enrich each other's experience. Although we have a long history of providing services to retail customers, cooperation with GrandVision brought us many new challenges and I am glad that we have succeeded.

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