TECHO Romania s.r.l. 

Business center Sema Parc
Spl. Independentei no 319
City Building C2, ground floor
Bucuresti, district 6

Numărul de TVA: J40/4750/1997; RO9526450

tel.: +40 21 316 81 11
tel./fax: +40 21 316 81 13


Visit our Bucharest showroom

The mixture between utility and eye-pleasing concepts define TECHO`s Bucharest showroom. Located at the ground floor of Sema Park, in an office building close to the street, anyone who steps inside the showroom is firstly impressed by the bright colorful furniture display. Numerous accessories like miniature bikes, lamps or flowerpots complement the image. But this spacious, elegant space is not just a visiting place: the showroom has its own working space with share-desks to promote team-work, relaxing couches for clients visits and even meeting rooms where you can quietly negotiate deals with partners. More so, at TECHO the team shares a spacious kitchen in which coffee serving and lunch becomes a daily pleasure. Every inch of the showroom can have multiple purposes. It meets the standards of comfort, professional working place and team work in every possible variation that one can imagine.

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