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Delivering interior solutions across the globe

TECHO offers a safe pair of hands – our extensive experience in organising complex logistics operations means we understand the problems and risks of delivering to almost every corner of the globe. Our successful track record demonstrates our ability to minimise these risks and ensure your projects are successfully delivered.

TECHO is not restricted to the market territories in which we have permanent representation. Our Export Team is here to provide our customers a seamless service whether furnishing a branch in Europe, Asia or Africa. The mission of the Export department is the smooth delivery of European quality products and services to almost any corner of the globe, whether it be retail interiors or prestigious office projects. The TECHO Export Team will be your point of contact, and we will take responsibility for your interior furnishing project, enabling you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Our services have proven particularly valuable to companies seeking a common corporate brand image on a global scale. 

One globe, one service

  • If you are planning expansion to a remote or challenging destination, give us a call.
  • Our experts can guide you through the entire process of fitting out and furnishing your new offices in line with your global corporate image.
  • From design and logistics to installation and after sales service – we are the local experts wherever you plan your office.
  • TECHO takes the stress and uncertainty out of demanding projects.
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We deliver projects across the globe

Global reach

To get an idea of the scale of our export operations, we have in recent years delivered car showroom interiors to South America and North Africa, fitted out a bank HQ in Tanzania and furnished British Government Visa Application Centres in countries across Europe, Eurasia and Africa. The Visa centres project was a prime example of our ability to deliver logistically complex projects within a short timeframe whilst providing the same high-level service regardless of destination. 

The Visa Centres Project

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Let TECHO take the strain

We relieve our customers of the day-to-day stress and headaches connected with delivering their projects to often challenging destinations. We understand the requirements and procedures for customs clearance, transport and logistics in country, and we work with local partners to ensure installation to the highest standards, whether delivering to Africa or New Zealand.

Flexible production

TECHO’s state-of-the-art production facility gives us full control over quality and lead times. We are able to customise designs to suit corporate identity, and using special materials and designs we ensure long-term durability in extreme hot and humid climates.


Durable packing ensures the furniture arrives on site in perfect condition. We are experienced in applying the optimum packing methods and materials for each means of transport and destination. This means, for example, we ensure a suitable weight for airfreight and suitable dimensions for easy handling and onward transport.


Legal regulations and applicable standards vary from state to state, and this places great demands on logistics. We therefore pay great attention to the selection of reliable logistics companies and the development of long-term partnerships with local firms. Sea freight timetables are not timed to the minute and we plan for the unexpected.


The prompt payment of wharfage fees, arranging customs clearance, collecting goods from a port and returning containers. If these do not take place within set deadlines the whole process can become more expensive. We therefore arrange things as far ahead as possible – necessary documents, authorised persons, special permissions, certificates etc. This means that all costs associated with these procedures can usually be included in our initial quotation.


When the goods have been shipped, cleared through customs and prepared on site for installation the work of our local partners or Czech installation team begins to successfully complete the order. Regardless of the location, we review and adhere to the local rules on health and safety, with European standards as a minimum.

After Sales

We strive to establish strong local relationships. We train our local partners so that they are able to provide after sales support, in coordination with us. This puts us in a position to respond promptly to resolve any problems or additional requirements.

Take a look at some of our recent success stories

National Microfinance Bank in Tanzania

National Microfinance Bank PLC is Tanzania’s leading retail bank, with over 2 million customers and 175 branches. Opened in 2015, its new headquarters in Dar es Salaam’s business district is an architectural landmark of the city. The headquarters building is the first western-style office building in Tanzania.

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Škoda Auto showrooms global makeover

Škoda Auto showroom

ŠKODA AUTO is the largest Czech car manufacturer. It produces over one million cars a year, which are sold through over 1,400 showrooms in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. Hand in hand with a complete brand image overhaul, ŠKODA AUTO has also modernised its range of cars and embarked on the transformation of its showrooms across the globe. TECHO is proud to have been able to contribute to this project as one of the main showroom suppliers.

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Velaa Private resort

Velaa Private resort

The luxury private resort Velaa, which is the size of about 25 soccer fields, was built from scratch for $200 million and is designed to attract the world's most discerning travellers. 

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Our team is skilled at problem avoidance 

The Export Team is a well-organised special section of highly-experienced professionals. We have built up a team of internal experts able to communicate effectively, share know-how and take quick and effective decisions.

Projects in remote destinations always require the right combination of careful organisation, planning and foresight. Thanks to the 15-years’ plus experience of our team we are able foresee potential problems that could have a negative impact on project delivery and in doing so we protect our customers, and ourselves, from scheduling and financial setbacks. 

Martin Hořovský
Head of Export Department

TECHO has built and developed a team of professionals skilled in the area of export sales and project management. This enables us to manage remote projects for and together with our customers, regardless of where they call us from. The team is continually kept up to date with the latest trade, tax and logistics aspects of delivering and installing interior furnishings across the globe. It is the team’s know-how that is key to delivering successful projects globally whilst foreseeing and avoiding legal, tax and financial risks.

Working with local communities to protect the environment

Our company is also aware of the importance of social responsibility in relation to natural resources, and as a member of FISP (Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme) we follow environmentally responsible business practices. It was therefore completely natural for us to support the initiative of the World Rowing Federation and the World Wide Fund for Nature for clean water on the African continent by contributing to the Kafue Centre, which is a unique, multi-purpose facility to be operated by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). 

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Last word

Lenka Kvasničková
Senior Sales Manager

Our greatest strength lies in the combined abilities and experience of our people. Each of us has an extensive track record in our field. This diversity enables us to foresee the issues that we will have to resolve when delivering to remote destinations.

Zdeněk Košťálek
Senior Project Manager

Customers who place their projects in our hands right from the initial stages can take confidence from our wealth of project management experience and our long-standing relationships with tried and tested local firms. We are always ready to provide assistance and will respond to all requests effectively and without delay.

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