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Why set yourself easy goals?

Huawei was one of TECHO’s early clients in Romania. We started working with them in 2007. In February of this year they launched a major tender, which we in the end won. The project in Bucharest involved the fit-out of 4 000 m2 to provide space for 300 employees. The timeframe was very compressed – the entire fit-out had to be completed in just six weeks.

Finished in three months

The fit-out took 60 days and included installation of HVAC units in the server room TECHO was invited to bid for the Huawei Technologies order as an expert in fit-out projects and thanks to previous joint projects. The entire process was very fast – work on the tender started in February 2017, in March we were declared the winner and by the end of April the order was completed.

Andrei Voica, who worked on the project from the side of global real estate firm Colliers, describes why TECHO won the order: “TECHO’s team were fully aware of the technical conditions in the leased space and they had already worked successfully with the client on several other projects. The project was coordinated by a joint team comprising Huawei professionals from Romania and China. In the final phase of the tender, TECHO prepared and submitted the complete documentation required by Huawei, including the most competitive commercial and technical parts.”

The most impressive Huawei office anywhere in the world. 

Huawei employees were ready to move into the 23rd and 24th floors of the new building in April. In total these floors comprised 4 000 m2. The fit-out work commenced when construction of the building as a whole had been completed. The work therefore started with a blank canvas and the requirement was for a complete fit-out and bespoke furniture.

“All the interior designs came from the architect engaged by Huawei. Our work was therefore performed in cooperation with and under the eye of the architect. We had two project managers on site who coordinated all the various trades (such as HVAC, construction work), they were responsible for the quality of work and were also in contact with the client to assure them that everything would be finished on time and as planned”, says Catalin Mihai, Business Development Manager at TECHO Romania.

The aim of the project was to create the most impressive Huawei office anywhere in the world. Therefore, our part of the project included a lot of bespoke furnishings and lighting.

“The main challenge turned out to be the adherence to the fixed deadlines for handover, which were based on the date of expiry of the lease on the client’s previous premises. If we had not been able to meet the deadline, their employees would have had nowhere to move to,“ added Andrei Voica.

total floor area
open space plan

 A nap after lunch? Go ahead!

80% of the space is laid out as open plan. Other space is partitioned for meetings and concentrated work, and there are also sleeping rooms, where employees can take a nap over lunch. The walls of these have a sound damping material applied that limits noise penetration from other rooms, and they also have bespoke furniture on which to lie down and sleep. We also constructed TP rooms, which are conference rooms where employees can establish an audio-visual connection with their colleagues across the globe. Also interesting is a large room, something like an amphitheatre or cinema, where employees give presentations. Opposite the open space are break out areas for which we supplied massage chairs.

Catalin Mihai
Business Development Manager, TECHO Romania.

It was one of the largest fit-out projects in Romania and we were very pleased to be a part of it. Huawei Technologies is a very important client for us and we want to continue working for them into the future. For me personally it was the largest contract that I have signed here. I am very proud that the team managed to complete everything on time. It was a great challenge for us.

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