TECHO is no stranger to large banking sector projects and our branch in Slovakia landed one of the largest of them in the furnishing of the headquarters of ČSOB bank in Bratislava. ČSOB is part of the Belgium-based KBC group. The project involved delivery of both partitions (triple and double glazed) and furniture, with each stage worth over 1m EUR. TECHO received praise from the client for its flexibility in being able to modify its standard range to produce bespoke products for delivery to ČSOB.

We were up against six other companies in the tender, and we won due to our flexibility and client-first approach. One of the major challenges in this project was that Every item we supplied was non-standard – we developed bespoke desks, screens, special lift up slats on meeting tables, accessories etc. Our Slovak branch worked closely with product and production engineers in Prague to produce the bespoke products in a way that met the client’s brief for form, function and price. This project is an ideal example of the benefits arising from the close links between our sales branches and production operations.

The result of this cooperation is a modern and efficient workplace that promotes cooperation within and between teams and departments. Feedback from the client has been very positive, both with respect to the end result and the process of achieving it.

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