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London – the leading financial and business centre in Europe. In all the major cities of the world the most prestigeous offices are the glamerous high-rise office buildings. London is no exception. As our reputation has grown over the years so our orders have been delivered to higher altitutes in the London office market.

We are proud to have furnishished the following offices in the iconic high-rise buildings of London:

30 St Mary Axe (180m)

A major financial house focussed on banking services, the purchase and sale of properties, leasing, and project construction.

Broadgate Tower (161m)

Part of a leading UK merchant banking group, providing lending, deposit taking, wealth management services, and securities trading.

Centrepoint Tower (117m)

A leading provider of services offices.

Euston Tower (124m)

A leading supplier of telecommunications equipment.

Heron Tower (230m)

A company offering high-end serviced offices over three floors.

A company managing the commercial development of sports teams and associations as well as sports, fashion, and lifestyle events.

One Canada Square (235m)

A global financial services firm.

Eight Canada Square (200m)

A multinational banking and financial services group.

Tower 42 (183m)

Modus Dimensional

Shard London Bridge (310m)

A leading independent infrastructure and private equity investment manager.

The London Eye (135m)

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